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21 Dec 2015 - 2015

What a year!!!

By far the biggest news of 2015 has been the decision made to leave Razor and join Goonswarm.

Never before has the corporation not been the last to switch off the lights as an alliance closes so this is new territory. That said after much discussion the directors decided it was time to change and help push the corp onto a newer, tougher level.

So the corp packs it bags and we trek from our 4 year him in Tenal and V7-MID to our new home in Deklein.

Instantly we feel the benefits, the number of fleets is awesome along with all the special interest groups and the members report that they have been having a great time and a huge amount of content.

as the year progresses, we also begin o see Eve coming out of a hole of sorts and the fights seem to be getting better. we are getting kills left right and centre and able to use our prized capitals and super capitals with aggressive force.

The corp remain committed and TI have managed to establish a new home and things are almost as iff we have never moved, a testament to the dedication ad commitment to the logistics, Ti and Sf teams.

We even have time to concentrate on corp operation and as the year draws to a close we start to see regular corp operations and members taking the initiative to get involved in pvp on their own.

All good things as we head into the new year

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21 Dec 2015 - 2014

A quiet year.

Eve is quiet, and in need of war!

Soon though that thought disappears from our minds as the greatest ever battle happens in the game, in B-R.

With some members on until the early hours of the morning the fight is brutal, and main stream media is even reporting it. Have a look yourself

The war degenerates new interest in the game and new members are coming in through the gates to join the corp, now one of the most powerful and active in the alliance. Some old friends from corps that used to be in Morsus Mihi join the alliance and we become stronger.

Searching for war we head south on a deployment to Doril and get plenty of kills and fun to pass the time. We kill plenty and it helps pass the time of day. News comes through that CCp are planning to make sweeping changes at the end of the year to help elevate the capital blog and so the corp begins to plan how life after phoebe will be. Our logistics teams begin re-positioning resources and we stock pile for what be a life without frequent travel.

Needless to say the corp is on its A game and the changes come in, and whilst carriers and dreads suddenly become strange beasts, our logistics and infrastructure have planned for the changes admirably and are able to ride the changes relatively unscathed.

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21 Dec 2015 - 2013

War is afresh as the CFC sweep through EVE targeting our long time enemies and clearing up the space in which we live.

There has been great fights in the Fountain region as the CFC and TEST part company as allies and then, as relation deteriorate further, full blown war ensues, spreading into delve and Queries as the hell purge continues.

The war is bloody and time consuming, but many billions of ink are destroyed and as always the corp leads the way within Razor as the speartip.

Within TI, we gain 2 more titans to the corp, with Jackals Leviathan and the replacement uKC Avatar constructed by TI, showing the wealth and strength that Ukc is beginning to harbour.

Equally impressive have been the logistics teams, no matter where we have ended up our JF pilots have been moving replacement ships and stocks for members like they were caldari shuttles, with cynos set up through the regions for easy travel. Similarly the number of members with Carriers reaches an all time high, and deployments have become a breeze.

On return to Tenal, razor begin to poke at neighbouring cobalt edge and manage to accidentally cause the alliance it attacks to collapse. Suddenly overnight we have gained a region, oh well some more ink to be gained :)

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21 Dec 2015 - 2012

Revenge is Sweet

The war pushes on, it is not long until branch has fallen and the alliance and coalition pushes onto Razors traditional home, Tenal

It is not long until the region is ours and we begin to make it home for UKC and V7-MID becomes what UKC calls home. The corp is soon functional and achieving great things, and in truth things have never been so good with the extra income the riches of Tenal generates for the corp along with relatively safe areas of space.

Fun is a plenty and the corp begins to make a name for itself, the corp titan is rebuilt after a slight mishap.

During this time there are many deployments killing off the remnants of the enemy, watching them collapse under the weight of defeat.

This year is all about rebuilding and making a home, from custom office to new stations to establishing logistics routes. The corp is back up to running 17 POS's and reactions for the corp and alliance

Good times :)

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21 Dec 2015 - 2011

2011 saw one of the greatest changes in UKC's recent life, and with it one of the greatest wars Eve has seen.

A combined force of red's converge on the great space of the Northern Coalition. The forces split and make song gains in Vale and Tribute as the alliances begin to show cracks of complacency. Soon the stronghold of tribute is falling and Morsus Mihi withdraw to fight another day, but in the end close their doors. Razor soon begin to se ether writing on the wall and decide to pull out. They survive and move into low sec to find pastures new, tired of the son grind of dominion.

The forces keep advancing and with the help of Goonfleet and other allies the lines are drawn at Fade and Pureblind. The war has taken its toll though and Mostly Harmless struggles with the loss of its allies, and the pressures of war, finally closing its door in the summer of 2011.

UKC withdrawn from the north and head to the southern borders while it regroups and finds itself.

During its time it has made many friends and soon an offer is made to the corporation to join the old allies of Razor, who are nearby and looking to get back into the fight.

The pedigree and challenge of Razor entices us and we are soon back amongst old friends.

Similarly, Goonfleet haven't forgotten their old friends and they kindly offer Razor space in the north, in the form of some systems in Pure Blind.

the alliance eagerly moves and establishes a home and soon, a new war, Revenge.......

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05 Sep 2011 - 2010

January 2010

The Start of a new year, and my how it's started
CCP have had great fun with us in lag, with the whole NC fleet stuck in "black screen mode" whilst defending P-2 against "Tri mk 800"
But we have fought strong and well and by the end of the month we are kicking out the temporary guests of P2.
Throughout CM and TI have done us proud with keeping members ticking over, keeping them in ships and TI even ditching their mining lasers and helping on the front line.
This is UKC spirit through and through

February 2010

After retaking P-2 the amount of CTA's have slowed down giving us all time to reflect relax and rebuild our reserves. Ops are still ongoing but more emphasis on fun and no-lag as we wipe out the remaining lingering forces from ROIR and x-70.
TI have begun back rebuilding their structure and all in all we continue to improve where we are.

March 2010

With Our home fully secured, we head home to Fade from the NC super base of UMI. Logistics go smoothly and soon everyone is back where they should be and having fun. There's still work to be done, towers to reclaim etc but our home has been secured.

April 2010

War preparations. After maybe a month of not being under constant heavy assault, we again begin to prepare for our next guests to the north, this time of much more noticeable size, with Atlas, IT, Init and the rest of the southern coalition due to take a trip up North. Fights ensue and the NC is victorious at sending the invaders back to our home.
Meanwhile, within the corp, the members start making use of the upgraded resources in the space enjoying the benefits of no longer being invaded. Wallets are restocked, ships cleaned and oiled and the UKC once again enjoys life.

May 2010

Whilst the NC continues to rid the north of the remnants of the IT incursion, MH and UKC moves home and begins to make the best of life without being under siege.
the pressure id finally off and we are able to assess where we want UKC to be and how we want to improve in the future.

June 2010

Roadtrip!! As part of some good fun, the corp moves with alliance mates to syndicate where we go and have some good old-fashioned black ops fun and generally cause a nuisance to the industry chaps that live there.
Its great fun with many of us using our shiny black ops ships for the first time, and a welcome change from pewing on our own doorstep. Eve is fun.

July 2010

 n one of the biggest changes to the way UKC operates, UKC reborn was launched. This focuses on the corp getting more of the members contributing to the running of the corp, relieving the pressures on the few.
All managers are asked to reapply for positions and a new, energized group of NED's and leaders are formed to lead the corp onto greater things.
It's a time of house-cleaning in UKC with afk players removed and people supporting the corp. Industry begins again and SF start showing the force of the corp on the front line

August 2010

Reborn is really taking hold now, already we are seeing even more players active and online, as well as older players returning to enjoy the "new" corp. The recruiters are doing an excellent job of bringing in new skilled blood and getting them involved and the system seems to have been a great success. This is really a chill-out time for the corp, and alliance and the players are able to really start working together and having some fun, making new friends and strengthening bonds.

September 2010

Deployment of the forces. Once again the corp packs up and ships to pastures new for a combat deployment. This time it is to KE and the drone lands to hit the russkies. Eu v Eu this brings some great fights and of lot of stuff is killed. The corp starts enjoying again pew that isn't reliant on defending our own shit. It really is true, the greatest defence is an offense.
Back home, TI really begins reforming its mining team and the plans begin to produce super capitals for the alliance and the market in a joint project with VAT.

October 2010

Whilst the PVPers are enjoying their time in KE, TI is really going good guns now and this has allowed the corp to expand its replacement scheme to the members meaning that losing ships is even less expensive than before.
This combined with the supercap production means that the corporations' industrial strength Is really coming good in this latter half of the year and the team is working hard on making the corp iskies to spend on the membership.

November 2010

Back Home. With PL hitting venal and the NC, the drone campaign is ended and we return home. There's still plenty of pew to be had, with Goons and friends hitting CR and the NC pewing in Venal. Members are also able to use the time to restock on iskies and start saving for the big shiny stuff they always wanted, with several members looking at getting super capitals in the coming months.  CM continue to do an excellent job of vetting the members coming into the corp, at a time when AWOXing is very popular, and TI and SF equally doing a great job getting them settled and involved.

December 2010

The end of another great, fun year. It's been a year of massive change, a year of many lessons learned, but a year where the corp has once again grown stronger for its experiences. The fights this month have largely been in fountain supporting GSF and Test and Venal, hitting PL with the NC forces. However in what ended up being a great, great end of the year, the pinnacle of the PVP this month came only a day or so before the end of the year. In an op in Venal, the MH fleet, lead by a UKC FC was hot dropped on by PL. Holding our ground the battle quickly escalated to a capital battle as well and the end result was 6 PL Titans being killed by the NC Fleet. This was a great result and one that really did show off the strengths of the corp and alliance. Gratz UKC

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05 Sep 2011 - 2009

January  2009

UKC have decided to Sponsor a Corporation called "Nova-Tek" we believe this Corporation will prove a great assistance to the Goals of MH Victory our Home is ours, we slowly setup home here, UKC sets targets for all its members ship wise, so that should trouble ever comber every member will have combat ships ready in both Fade and Branch,The Corporation New jump Freighter helps with the logistics and speed ups the process of moving MH are called on to pull Iron out of a hole after they bite of more than they can chew in PB, we excel our selves and show yet again we haassets by tenfold ve plenty of bite with out bark

CIS Investment Scheme: Cap Ships Sold 8 (+ 3 Orcas) Profit  3,342,908,017.37

February 2009

Ti have reared there ugly heads again and have started looking for some pew pew in our area, we are called out to protect NC assets, this is a weekly occurrence and is welcome pvp training opportunity, for our pilots, Ti have gotten two Titans are not afraid to use them they continue to bait our fleets when the chance arises we will have to be more virulent than ever now,

March 2009

UKC membership continues to rise as does the number of caps we can field,  MH drops a titan on a hostile gang who came knocking we caught them of guard and took out a lot of there ships by surprise, this is of course a big step and a proud moment for UKC and MHThe introduction of a PU scheme to encourage pilot activity in support of the Corporation and alliance, these can be earned in a many different activities, this will be used as measuring stick for activity all those who fail monthly to meet targets will be asked to improve or leave corp no longer will those who grow fat on the efforts of others be tolerated, a lot of deadwood is removed in this process i.e. no longer active or simply not longing on for support duties UKC have done a week long op in c4c for all corp members to do PVP they have had some excellent battles and loads of fun and the member participation has never been better.Special Member mention goes to our CEO who after many years within the UKC has decided to go his own way and seek pastures new. The UKC would like to thank him for all the hard work he has put into this corp and wish him all the best for the future. Without him the UKC would not be where it is today we know he has not gone far and continues to work within the CIS scheme  :respect:

April 2009

MH have went to the assistance of an alliance to our South in Cloud Ring , who as the saying goes " better the enemy you know that the enemy u don't " while not an Alliance CTA it will be excellent pvp training for our support and cap fleet pilots, many kills to be had, UKC Pilots are expected to lead the kill boards in this campaign.The CM department has gone through a remove the "dead wood" cleaning of members with 30 plus being booted. The UKC online numbers have not fallen and we are now getting very good sized gangs together each night.Great news MH have taken down a titan, while the fit of the Titan will be forever discussed as will the intelligence, let it never be said we pass up free Titan Kills,

MH have now got involved in a small Scrap in Cloud Ring, our current neighbours are under pressure, from a coalition of alliances,  We produce to lay the smack down closing down, entire systems, In under 2 weeks the enemies collation  falls apart,  we install a blue from Pure Blind into this space,  we now have a more solid southern flank,  

In the last week of this Month MH organizes come big ops in the hope of a good fight, the targets chicken out and don't  turn up,

on a separate note out SF division, now expanded in numbers( this CM) have put out a good performance pulling back some slack that had developed, plans are made to keep SF at this level of performance,  Logistics in Fade still present some problems with corps ship production still in Branch, this is being looked at

The Capital ship sales corp has generated a 32 bil turnover resulting in profits of almost 9 bil with a dividend to the shareholders of over 1 mil per share. The price per share has increased by 614k

altogether a good Month for UKC + MH

 May 2009

What a Month,  between action in Pure Blind, and all of Cloud Ring now bearing the -42- sov, the corp has been very busy,  with the alliance doubling in numbers with the induction of Corperations from Advrace and Daco, the former sov holders of CR, we now should be able to fend of anything that is sent our way, we do suffer some teething problems, but these are overcome on a case by case basis, The Corperation continues to grow, and we gain more and more pilots who are turning into  real assets to have,  near the end of the month Evoke and firends make a play for CR but after reinforceing there pos within 12-24hr of each one going up there offensive tapers of with some final hand holding by Tri who as always just love to kill stuff,  they will be a threat in CR for the future, but only on a roaming gang scale,  

Tri as always threw out the month continue there offensive in PB chasing after the money moons, in a big battle we manage to wipe out 90% of there Cap fleet, go on the offensive and recapture all moons, intell suggests that Tri's Russian backer, has dug deep and there replaced the losses within two weeks of the battle, hopefully we can repeat the victory and cause there backer to think again about investing billions in this venture, 

Also on a sidenote, one Corp member has the honor of being known as the carrier hijacker, after finding a carrier left outside a pos shileds, he took ownership of this craft under the Space Salavage Act:

July 2009 

July was quite an eventful month.  On the 17th a quickly thrown-together fleet almost succeeded in taking out an Aeon Mothership owned by the pirate LordVodka in Iitanmadan system.  Having been decloaked by a Mostly Harmles industrial ship, we titan bridged in a fleet of approximately 30 ships including two moms and a handful of carriers.  LordVodka self-destructed his ship rather than be taken.

The 26th brought epic Fight against Evoke and their allies SoT and Cry Havoc.  A local max of 700 was seen in MJYW-3 system in cloud ring as the northern coalition's capital ship might was brought to bear.  We held the field of course and they found out the hard way why battleships should be tanked for doomsday weapons, particularly when fighting the combined forces of Morsus Mihi, TCF and Mostly Harmless.  (

It was a sad ending to the month however with Altruism being removed from Mostly Harmles after a long consideration by the Mostly Harmless High commission.  During their short time with us, their fellow MH corporations were very generous to them, but it became clear that they did not have the Team spirit required of a 0.0 space holding alliance.  Their manner of leaving was reminiscent of a small, spoilt child with their continuing posts to COAD and local smacktalk while playing docking games at npc stations.  Shortly after, Les bains, a director of No Limit Productions stole a significant amount of assets from that corporation and joined Altruism also, but not before disrupting the Jump bridge network in Fade and Pureblind for a good week.  

August 2009

August was again an eventful month for Mostly Harmless and a particularly Glorious one for UK corp.

The first week saw a bit of chaos as our jump bridge network in fade and pure blind was slowly restored, Averice managed to gather some allies and embed themselves in the X-70MU and ROIR-Y systems in Pure Blind.  They seemed to expend most of their energy on posting on the COAD forums however and gradually dissipated from Mostly Harmless territory.  

On the 7th, at 19:19pm eve time Jay T, one of UKC's long standing members achieved 1,000 real kills while within Mostly Harmless.  This coincided with Mostly Harmless initiating a "field of Honor" list, handing out medals for distinguished service  Gold for 1000 kills, silver for 500 kills and bronze for 250 kills.

An epic battle in 9-4RP2 on the 14th of the month was a culmination of weeks of neglect of the Cloud ring area by the alliance.  We had allowed Evoke to place Pos's back in MJYW-3 and O-BDXB, on the doorstep of our cloud-ring home-system of 9-4. The final straw was reached when Evoke placed two POS's within 9-4 itself.  The subsequent locking down of the system by Mostly harmless was textbook.  Evoke had no chance of defending their POS's and their feeble attempts at harrassing us with stealth bomber fleets did little.  TCF came allong with a largeish battleship fleet but Mostly Harmless had it well under control.

The next few days saw us decisively taking back soverignty in O-B and MJY.

Towards the end of the week, Mostly Harmless turned their eyes towards Sons of Tangra, who had brought a capital fleet to a staging area in the lowsec system of Saranen.  It was decided that a good offence is sometimes the best defence and on the night of Friday the 21st we Jumped a capital fleet into the system and attacked their POS, planning that it would come out of reinforced on the sunday afternoon, where both our UK and US players would be able to participate in its take down.   SoT, however had not placed any Strontium in their tower and it died that night.

On the Saturday night Mostly Harmless continued its offensive, placing another 5 hostile towers into Reinforced mode.

Sunday the 23rd was an Epic day for UKC, with the launch of our first Titan!  The Avatar class titan was the result of months worth of hard work and planning by the directors, who singlehandedly moved 50 freighter loads from station to POS in branch.  All of our members felt a definate pride at this enormous achievement that we all, in some way, contributed to.

On the 26th, Two separate fleets, one from Sons of Tangra and one from Evoke, drove deep into Mostly harmless territory and planted POS's while reinforcing sov-holding POS's of ours.  For the first time since Mostly Harmless was in cobalt's Edge region, "Home Defense Operations" were called.  In what is effectively a CTA on steroids, all of Mostly Harmless corporations, carebear and pvp alike were rallied.   As part of a number of critical operations during this period, UK Corp achieved equal second in terms of Pilots in fleet out of all the Mostly Harmless Corporations.  This is an Amazing effort seeing as at the time we were 7th largest.
In a weekend of intense fighting we destroyed the hostile POS's in our territory and took the fight to SoT's Home systems, reinforcing/destroying a number of their High-end moon mining and capital Production POS's.

September 2009

During September, UKC celebrated its 5th year anniversary!   Yahoo!  

The war with SoT finally drew to a close with them backing off and returning to the gurilla tactics that they have used in the past.  

During the well earned break, Mostly Harmless alliance organised a tech 1 frig fest in which 130 players from the northern coalition joined up to roam around the area in tech 1 frigates.  We ended up killing about 6 battle ships and a t3 cruiser, more than making up for the cost of the fleet.

During the first half of the month, the decision was made to give cloud ring region to Defi4nt alliance.  They, supported by TCF started moving in and taking sovereignty.  In a final push to clean out Sons of Tangra and Evoke from some of their systems within the region, Mostly Harmless rallied a large capital fleet and destroyed a large number of towers over the weekend of the 12th and 13th.

During this month, CCP announced the comming changes to nullsec sovereignty in the Dominion expansion. As the test server did not yet have the mechanics in place, we've been unable to determine the full impact this will have on UKC or Mostly Harmless alliance's strategy.  The best we can determine is that it will likely mean a shrinking of our held territory.  only time will tell.

During the last two weeks of the month Pandemic Legion alliance moved a large number of their pilots into the NPC system of X-7OMU in pure blind, They commenced offensive operations during the week starting the 21st of September, reinforcing a number of Northern Coalition POS's.   On the whole, the Northern coalition was able to fight back effectively, taking two high end moons in Cloud Ring and being able to defend most of the POS's reinforced by Pandemic Legion. There were a few bloody battles with losses on both sides, but it is fairly clear that they are not making a play for our territory, but seem to only want a bit of pew before the Dominion expansion changes come into force.  UK Corporation was tasked with placing a large tower on one of the R64 moons formally owned by PL.  
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