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03 Sep 2011 - About the UKC

The UK Corporation (UKC) was formed in November 2004 by Drake Dragon and Nikek Notlad.

Today, UKC is a medium to large sized corporation with over 80 active members.

We are looking for all types of players from across the world of EVE. As long as you match our requirements (listed in our public channel 'UK Corp - Public' ingame or on our Recruitment page on our website here.) you are more than welcome.

Member activity is very high - peaking between 25-30 actual members most evenings and all weekend. We are extremely well-organised, enthusiastic, energetic and passionate about the game.

We have a strong culture for organisation and preparation - we want to explore every aspect of EVE and create an environment for all players to get the most enjoyment from the energy they put into it.

Our excellent industrial department makes us self-sufficient and we have a healthy ISK base to support them. We have a clear organisational structure and work towards our published goals and objectives. UKC is multi-faceted, with several divisions within the corporation. The structure is fluid and ensures that all the needs of the corp members are catered for. There is a strong forum culture and we only recruit members prepared to use voice communications (TeamSpeak).

For more information about UKC please contact our CM Department by mailing a recruiter, or coming into our ingame channel 'UK Corp - Public' and say hi.

You can also find more information on the recruitment thread on the Eve Online Forum Post

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