Upon joining UKC, you will be placed under a probationary period where you will have to prove yourself to us. As a rank 8 recruit you will be required to be active, join operations and activities as much as possible and report on the forums under the appropriate section. Your progress is monitored using a forum and game based system where you need to score x number of points to pass probation. The probation period is a minimum of 28 days from joining. If you don't pass Probation, you won't graduate, if you don't graduate, you will be removed from the corp.

Throughout your Probationary period you will be monitored through a number of things. Attitude, activity and participation will be recorded by the CM team, and you may be contacted by the CM team to see how you are doing.

What do we ask of you?

Other than respecting the UKC charter, we will run corporation and alliance operations which we require you to join as much as possible. There will be occasions where life issues hinder this and when these do, you must notify us via the forums or in-game via a Director, CM Member or the CEO, where you will be marked as inactive/unable to participate for a specific period of time.

There are many ways for you to support the corp, from mining operations, to participating in PVP in the name of the corp and alliance. By everybody doing a little, the corp can drive forward to the future. This could be also in helping with logistics, recruitment, POS management or various other aspects of corp life in 0.0.

Finally, it is worth noting that once you graduate the process does not stop, you will be monitored the entire course of your time within UKC. If players stop helping, become in-active or develop the wrong attitude you will be warned, if this continues, you will be asked to go back onto probation where you will go through the entire process again, which means, if you don't pass, you leave.

The UKC is passionate about its reputation and will go to any lengths to protect it. Members seen to be hindering this will be removed. The UKC is not a "shits and giggles" outfit, only apply if you are a serious, mature team player.

For more information. please join our ingame channel 'UK Corp - Public' and contact a recruiter. 

If you wish to apply, join 'UK Corp - Public' chat ingame and follow all of the instructions in the MoTD.

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