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06 Sep 2011 - The UKC Culture

What does UKC mean?

UKC was originally a corp for UK players only, but due to EVE being a 23/7 game, the corp has been opened to all players of EVE

What is your style?

The UKC has adopted a policy with emphasis on being friendly, respectful and polite at all times. We respect each other and non-UKC members alike. We respect the corporation spirit and understand the concept of teamwork and cooperation. 

Will I get bossed about?

Whilst we have adopted a 'hierarchy', all members can have their say and everyone is encouraged to play a part. Joining UKC means being 'part' of something - not just another member to make up the numbers. All members are actively encouraged to work/play in teams, so there is a place for everyone, even from day one. We have defined promotion paths too, so all members have the opportunity to participate in various areas of corporate operation.

Are you just EVE nuts?

We are very relaxed, easy-going and enjoy a good old banter - but we are serious and passionate about our corporation. There is maturity ingame and in the forums, we know this a game, but it is a game we want to enjoy and take seriously, after all, we are paying. 

Our member forums are busy with a whole range of topics both in and out of game (not viewable to non-members).

What keeps you together?

There is camaraderie, trust and a sense of 'belonging' throughout the corporation. Everyone is involved and everyone cares. If you don't fit - you will be told.

What if I don't want to play along?

There are no great pressure on members in UKC to do anything at all. However, greater participation brings higher rewards. The most serious issues arise from non-activity, ie: members joining but not logging on for weeks, or logging on and being 'distant' from other members. Anybody doing this repeatedly will be warned and then removed from the corp if the issue persists.

Will I get help or feel like an outsider?

The management team are always available to help, and all new recruits will be shown how to set everything up and get settled in. We even have a recruitment and training team! You will be warmly welcomed and taken into the fold. From the CEO's to the hangar cleaner, we are a team. However, this is a 2 way process. If you show interest - it will be reciprocated.

Sum it up?

We are ambitious. We have plans and know how to get there. We are well organised and we enjoy playing EVE together. You will get out what you put in and you will never be alone:)

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