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06 Sep 2011 - Ranks and Roles

Rank 1

CEO & Directors

The Chairman forms part of the Board of Directors and, as such, will only implement decisions based on Board agreement. In turn, the Directors will take advice and listen to the Non Executive Directors and Managers who, in turn, understand the needs of the members. The Chairman reserves the right to initiate war, surrender and/or alliance declarations . It is the responsibility of the UKC Chairman to appoint Directors and Non Executive Directors and learn the necessary skills to allow the UKC to develop.


Rank 2 -

Non-Executive Directors

Non Executive Directors are responsible for the direction and implementation of the corp strategy within their own areas of responsibility. A Non Executive Director has no life of his own - he/she is the corp - he/she is fully assimilated. A Non Executive Director is expensed by the corp to a rate of 85% on Ships and is accountable for corp culture, funding and membership. A Non Executive Director can appoint his own managers after consultation with his/her Director and the HR Director (Rank 3's) and is responsible for ensuring that the corp structure is sound at all times.

A Non Executive Director is appointed by the main UK Corp Chairman with input from exisiting Full Directors. All major corp decisions are made by the Full Directors in agreement with it's members and the Chairman. Any decision that concerns matters outside his/her own area of responsibility is out-of-scope but can be raised with the Chairman. A Non Executive Director is expected to fully support the Full Directors and Chairman on ALL matters and help to drive through initiatives from the membership.

This is a tough role which demands trust, maturity, dedication and, above all, integrity. A Non Executive Director is trusted with most aspects of corporation access, rights, roles and priviledges.

A Non Executive Director attends Board of Directors meetings but does not have a vote.

Use of Teamspeak and corporation forums is mandatory. A Non Executive Director would be expected to be active (3 - 4 evenings per week) and attend mandatory Sunday management meetings.

Rank 3 - Dept Manager A rank 3 manager takes full ownership and responsibility for a corp division and is accountable to the Board of Directors and the CEO. The manager will have set targets, tasks and/or budgets depending on the nature of the role and will qualify for additional corporation priviledges. A rank 3 manager will be exected to attend the UKC management meetings as set out by the CEO, must use ventrilo and be active within reasonable limits as decided by the CEO. The CEO and Board of Directors reserve the right to appoint and/or demote Rank 3 managers based on performance and contribution to the UKC strategy, charter and general well-being of the corp.

Rank 3 Managers will be responsible for leading teams and potentially managing 'sectors' or 'departments' of the UKC. Rank 3 Managers can hire/fire their own team members and are responsible for organisational structure within their divisions. The UKC will seek to have a minimum of 2 Rank 3's in each division to ensure resilience and coverage is achieved. It is expected that the rank 3's will work together for the benefit of the division. Rank 3's are fully empowered to make corporation day-to-day decisions in all aspects EXCEPT war, alliance politics and change to agreed Corp Strategy.


Rank 4 A rank 4 member is a senior member having been active the UKC for a minimum period of 4 consequtive months. The promotion may be offered or applied for and will be signed-off based on member activeness, contribution and over-all corporation game-play. A Leader will be given a role/responsibility within the corp (ie: station management, factory management etc..) depending on their aspirations, skills and the corp needs at that time.

The title will reflect this management responsibility ie: combat leader, resource leader. A Leader is fully responisble for his/her own funding, but the corp will apply the discount rate for insurance, clone upgrade and all corp purchases (Including ALL ships)


Rank 5 An accepted corp member now 'based at' a specific UKC office with and official title/role to play in the corp. The Corp will provide all the necessary facilities to enable a member to acheive his/her goals. Fully responsible for his/her own funding, skills training costs and cloning.

There is no time limit or expectation for this rank but the majority of the corp membership will be Level 4/5 pilots and there is a significant discount applied to corp ship purchases. Roles are assigned to ensure that the member can perform his/her duties and regular reviews will be conducted by the Rank 3 management and HR tiers. It is expected that the majority of UKC members will be at this rank.


Rank 6 Member has been with the corp for a minimum of 8 weeks and/or been promoted by a higher ranking member. This rank is aimed at members that are no longer considered 'new recruits' based on their previous experience and time with the UKC.

Members may remain at this rank for as long as they wish but promotion to the next rank will be decided on activity, contribution and 'fit'. The promotion may be triggered by the member or you may be approached by the a division head attempting to recruit you into his/her team.

The corp ship discount rate and hangar access rights are increased but no roles are assigned.


Freshman - Rank 7  A member that has passed the corp trial period (minimum of 4 weeks ACTIVE) and has taken part in corp ops, learned basic skills and can mine at the basic level. The member will be placed at this Rank for a period of up to 2 weeks after graduation so they can look at and decide which of the departments they wish to be part of. After the 2 weeks is up the member must join one of the departments or leave the corp.

This Rank will also be a holding place for members who have been long term afk from the game and have notified CM of this. They will be placed here for security reasons and upon returning to the game will be moved back to the Rank they held.

Probationer - Rank 8 A new recruit that has been with the UKC for less than 28 days - this needs to have been an active period (ie: can't join the corp then disappear for 27 days then expect to go to the next rank). You will be based at the current UKC and have access only to the BIN hangar. No roles or responsibilities will be assigned during this probationary period - irrespective of EVE experience. It is expected that UKC members will be active and join the UKC in-game chat channel as well as logon to the Teamspeak server.

This probationary period is a 2 way process and members are to participate in corp missions, exercises and operations. You will be monitored for the 28 days trial and will need to post in the relevant forum area about those ops done and when you have you jump clones set. These things are required so that after the trial period, if you have enough "ticks in boxes" as it were you can be accepted into the corp as a Freshaman (see above).

For reasons of security, forum access for probationers will be limited. UKC ship costs are at build cost plus insurance but no further discounts are applied until the probation period has expired. Every effort will be made by the current UKC members to help and advise all new recruits but this period is vital to assess 'fit' - for both parties.

Promotion to the next rank will be addressed by the CM team at the appropriate time and in-game/forum details will be changed accordingly.


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