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21 Dec 2015 - 2011

2011 saw one of the greatest changes in UKC's recent life, and with it one of the greatest wars Eve has seen.

A combined force of red's converge on the great space of the Northern Coalition. The forces split and make song gains in Vale and Tribute as the alliances begin to show cracks of complacency. Soon the stronghold of tribute is falling and Morsus Mihi withdraw to fight another day, but in the end close their doors. Razor soon begin to se ether writing on the wall and decide to pull out. They survive and move into low sec to find pastures new, tired of the son grind of dominion.

The forces keep advancing and with the help of Goonfleet and other allies the lines are drawn at Fade and Pureblind. The war has taken its toll though and Mostly Harmless struggles with the loss of its allies, and the pressures of war, finally closing its door in the summer of 2011.

UKC withdrawn from the north and head to the southern borders while it regroups and finds itself.

During its time it has made many friends and soon an offer is made to the corporation to join the old allies of Razor, who are nearby and looking to get back into the fight.

The pedigree and challenge of Razor entices us and we are soon back amongst old friends.

Similarly, Goonfleet haven't forgotten their old friends and they kindly offer Razor space in the north, in the form of some systems in Pure Blind.

the alliance eagerly moves and establishes a home and soon, a new war, Revenge.......

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