A quiet year.

Eve is quiet, and in need of war!

Soon though that thought disappears from our minds as the greatest ever battle happens in the game, in B-R.

With some members on until the early hours of the morning the fight is brutal, and main stream media is even reporting it. Have a look yourself http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-25944837

The war degenerates new interest in the game and new members are coming in through the gates to join the corp, now one of the most powerful and active in the alliance. Some old friends from corps that used to be in Morsus Mihi join the alliance and we become stronger.

Searching for war we head south on a deployment to Doril and get plenty of kills and fun to pass the time. We kill plenty and it helps pass the time of day. News comes through that CCp are planning to make sweeping changes at the end of the year to help elevate the capital blog and so the corp begins to plan how life after phoebe will be. Our logistics teams begin re-positioning resources and we stock pile for what be a life without frequent travel.

Needless to say the corp is on its A game and the changes come in, and whilst carriers and dreads suddenly become strange beasts, our logistics and infrastructure have planned for the changes admirably and are able to ride the changes relatively unscathed.

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