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05 Sep 2011 - 2004 - 2005

November 2004 : In the beginning

The UKC was founded in November 2004 by joint CEO's Drake Dragon and Nikek Notlad (formerly DDNN). Drawing from their previous corporation management experience, the 2 CEO's set about forming a new corporation. A name, location, strategy and step by step objectives on how to reach it were developed and thus was bourne THE UK CORPORATION.

December 2004 : First new members arrive

Within weeks the first new member , OlE Oki joined the UKC and shortly after Wolla signed up too. By December, the introduction of Ebernaza, Calsak and Kieran plus one or 2 others swelled the numbers and the UKC seemed set for business. Sadly, OKE and Wolla decided to seek their futures elsewhere - but the core team structure was now in place.

January 2005 : A new home

In January, The UKC setup a new home in the Evettullur system and set about mass production of the Cyclone BC from the BPO investment. The corp funds swelled and so too did the membership.

The corp membership rose to 14 active members due largely to the efforts of Kieran and his persuasive charms. Some came and went but others stayed and made a home in the UKC. Production was in full flow and the research labs up to capacity as the UKC pursued their short term goals. The acquisition of the WOLF BPO was especially rewarding during this phase of development.

Febuary 2005 : New base and a POS
The membership numbers continue to swell - now approaching 34 and all but a few are active. The spirit of the crew is high and it is good to see the pilots mixing well. The appointment of Ebernaza and Calsak as Directors has worked well and helped to distribute the management of the corp. Also, the appointments of Wittman (Political Advisor), Crellion (Resource Manager) and Kellard (Logistic Manager) have helped to bond the teams together. Sadly, we lost 1 pilot, X-hale who crossed to the dark-side.

UKC ONE was anchored and on-lined in a low security system without any problems. It's an awesome sight with it's massive tower and several defense/offence platforms. The corporation funds took a bit of a bashing but the continued production of Cyclones, Iterons and various cruisers have clawed back the investment. The enormous fuel needs are under control at the moment as more and more pilots start to take part in the corporation operations.

We made new allies and formed a small union with them to help protect the POS in the region. Sharing information and experience has been a useful venture and I hope it continues to flourish. The Union chat channel helps to bring the corporations closer together and ensures that there is a flow of intel around the POS systems.

The web-site continues to develop and is a major source for recruiting new pilots. The forums are very active and have proved to be a useful way to agree corporation strategy. There is talk of using Ventrillo too.
March 2005 : Divisions formed and alliance talk
March was an extremely busy month for the UKC - it's hard to know where to start. The membership has risen to 46 active members even after expelling 6 non-active pilots and still there are 13 applications to sift through.

The PF (Police Force) was started up and created an enormous amount of enthusiasm within the ranks. Kethrian, Pepperami and Oberon have established a great working relationship and the UKC security looks to be in good hands. The introduction of in-corp training missions is very exciting and extremely useful.

Kellard was offered and accepted the production Manager post and Narcissa's joining looks to be a valuable asset for the UKC. Crellion and Must4ine have developed the resource management operations to a fine art and there is a buzz about the place. Members Deor, Wittman have now been joined by a 'Real Laadddyyyy' in Lady Viviene and the HR team is coming together nicely. The trading division has been initiated with input from all members and a special mention for Count Blood and Ombey for their efforts. 

The introduction of Ventrilo was a very positive step and many of the UKC members are now chatting away as if they've know each other for years. The UKC frigate contest is at the semi-final stage and many in-corp missions are on the drawing board. On a sad note, Calsak decided to step down from his Director post and Kieran simply ran out of funds.

UKC ONE (our POS) was boxed away for another day since it was felt that the over-head to keep it running was not worth it. The project was not a complete flop since we now know how these POS's hang together and we have the platforms all ready to go.

Discussions with a proposed new alliance were terminated and the UKC 'accidentally' joined the STAIN Empire for 24 hrs. A new ranking system was developed and our first UKC videos hit the market stalls. 

The future looks bright…. The future is UKC
April 2005 : Transformation
April was, in a word, 'hectic'. The UKC went through an amazing transformation taking lots of knocks and bruises but emerged bigger, stronger and even better than before.

Our target to have 60 active members was slaughtered as the membership base rose from 46 to 76 in just one month and this despite losing some long term trusted core members. On top of which, 9 non-active members were removed from the corp under our charter legislation and there are 12 new applications in progress. Well done to the HR team and keep it going. Target is now set to 100.

The UKC divisions had a tough time and with key members leaving and the continual flow of new recruits. Combine this with our move to low security and a couple of wars, it's not surprising that we had a few set backs. However, the UK-A performed admirably during this month and our new recruits are beginning to see the benefits of our training and investment. A special well done to Evoke for making this happen.

The UK-PF under-went some severe tests both internally and externally. Lessons have been learned and further UKC initiatives have been driven out from these activities. Good management and co-ordination ensured that the UKC losses were minimal and that the member moral remained high. Scouting and coordinating our move to low security systems was excellent, extremely efficient and executed with a minimum of fuss - well done to the PF leaders and members involved.

The UK-TI fell apart at the seams but new leadership has been deployed and I am confident that this division will be a valuable asset to the UKC group.

The UK-N emerged as a new initiative and I am looking forward to watching this develop over the coming months.

All-in-all, April was a strange month for the UKC with a few set-backs and disappointments. However, true to the UKC culture and commitment, we march on and look forward to what the future holds. We have more plans, new friends and phase two of our strategy is now in play. It makes me very proud to be part of this corporation.
May 2005 : WAR and Conflict
May started as another hectic month but stabilised toward the end. The UKC has now settled in it's new home systems and the corporation divisions are back on track.

There was a lot of activity this month in both starters and leavers. Most notable was the loss of 2 founder Directors (Eberneza and Calsak) who left to form their own corp. Continual pruning saw the removal of non-active members which have been replaced by new recruits. The numbers are now back to 74 but all are believed to be active and there are 12 applications outstanding.

The UK-TI has made a remarkable recovery under the Deor's management and the teams are producing ships, mods, weaps and ammo as originally planned. The corp hangars are beginning to bulge and low end minerals are in abundance.

The UK-PF underwent major surgery and has been re-branded as the UK-SF (Security Force). This division is now extremely well organised and has added offensive capability to the corp. The leadership team has developed specialised squadrons and added experience with the recent acquisition of Ghengis Khan and Tobias Lee. A special mention to Peperammi for his dedication and sheer determination to make this work.

The UK-A unfortunately suffered an un-fore-seen setback with Evoke standing down from his post. However, a new team is now in place and great things are starting to happen with the UK-A. More on this next month but a special thanks to Evoke for his effort and energy in kick-starting the UK-A.

The UK-F continues to be a mystery to us all but is on next months radar to agree and implement some governance.

The UKC added to its already extensive BPO collection and now has pretty much every ship BPO there is to have (except the BS's). This investment has resulted in a dip in corp funds but nothing too severe. UKC ONE was re-erected and is expected to generate substantial income and plans for 2 more POS's are on the table. There are also discussions in progress around potential trading programmes - more on this next month.

The UKC was drawn in to 2 conflicts which, thankfully, were withdrawn after just a week or two. There were no severe casualties on either side to report however, a group of pirates felt the wrath of the UKC in an isolated incident which resulted in them losing 2 BS's (almost 3) and a couple of cruisers. The UKC lost a frigate in the conflict. There are currently no wars in the UKC.

In establishing our new home systems the UKC has formed several +10 relationships with local corporations. It is early days but the corporations are beginning to work closely together and share local system intel and resources. This is looking very positive as the UKC drives through the initiative. The only negative point was that we managed to destroy our very own POS!!!! 

Corporation management
There were many corporation management changes this month. Most notably was the temporary appointment of Deor as Director. The UK-SF management team was strengthened by the promotion of Brigar and Lord Tinker, Jonhill and Quish added to the UK-A. Several appointments were offered and accepted in both the UK-SF and the UK-TI as these departments now appear to be fully manned.
June 2005 : Wars and more wars
June was the month of wars. Wars, Wars , wars. But we came good. 

It started with Genisis Knights but we blew them away before they knew what hit them. Then came Itchy Finger Bros. We fought back and spanked them on our first encounter. So they called in friends - so did we. Telemorphix then Rogue Blades joined the battle against us. Itchy were put to the sword by 'our allies' who left us to fight the other two - but we quickly adapted to their tactics. 

Their 'hit and run' pick on lone targets and hide at a BM would not earn them any ISK to make the war worth while. Great leadership and communication meant that the UKC was geared to deal with all situations. Intel was excellent - within an hour of the war decs we knew all their pilots, locations, ship setups and tactics. The UKC remained strong and continued to earn ISK despite these 'irritations'.

So the wars ended as each foe retracted in the realisation that their efforts were futile. We remain vigilant and watch closely - the UKC will not forget (GK - I hope you are reading this).

Membership numbers are at 65 now - all active. Some members left due to the wars but many were ejected because of non-activity. As I write this there are 21 applications outstanding and the HR team is busy again. What remains is a hard core membership dedicated to the UKC with good experience and camaraderie.

Not much has changed here. The UK-SF swelled in numbers as pilots dusted down their fighting ships to aid in the wars. The TI continues to research and build all the ships, mods and ammo required for the corporation. 

Excellent trading on the markets raised 1 billion profit alone and the POS continues to add to the wallet.

Corporation Management
Everything is taking shape. Deor and Pepperami were appointed as Corp Directors and more Rank 3's were lined up to replace them. There are still 'holes' to be filled but, for now, the corporation management is in good shape.
July 2005 : Tranquility and stabilization
July was supposed to be a time for calm, reflection and stability for the UKC. All wars were rescinded and normality and tranquility returned to the home systems around the UKC base. But this is the UKC - nothing is ever calm, nothing ever stands still no one is normal.

The early weeks saw the HR team step up recruitment to meet a challenge I set. Within weeks I could see they had it licked. The SF leaders were challenged with reformation and development - once again I could see they had this licked in days. The TI ploughed into the markets (and the corp wallet) and went on a shopping rampage that could only be compared to watching your wife/girlfriend in a shoe shop. The trade division ripped into the corp wallet and gave a new meaning to the word 'investment'. Add this to the changes to the EVE universe and new skills to learn - madness, mayhem and hyper-activity returned to the UKC.

By the end of the months the picture was amazing. The UKC joined Paragon Alliance and we entered stage 3 of our strategy.

Our membership rose to just short of 100 members - despite ejecting non-active pilots. The HR team went into over-drive and cost me 100 mil. 15 outstanding applications as I write this log.

We were joined by Ace pilots (names not disclosed) to bring experience and depth to our combat teams. The SF was reborn and new leaders were appointed. Excellent leadership by Pep and Brig during the wars demonstrated the UKC's ability to defend itself was further strengthened by the appointment of Lordtfk and the acquisition of Ace ex-Wolves pilots.

The UK-A
Training and team-work started to pay-off. Groups of UK-A pilots could be seen ganged and pulling together. The acquisition of Joe Jardine to the management team proved that good organisation and dedication will make this work. Lord T, Jon, Smog and Dr Drac all performed beyond the call of duty and were rewarded accordingly.

Investment and vision by Deor saw to it that the building blocks were further developed. New BPO's (including the Raven BS) where secured and the research labs were at full stretch. Good management and delegation ensured that the TI could provide all the needs of its corp members and POS management by Katchin ensured that the UKC goes from strength to strength.

The corp wallet took a beating in the early weeks but Narcissa's return on investment was a healthy 1.25 bil ISK. Everyone was really impressed and a party ensued.

Corporation Management.
A new Director post was advertised and many pilots were promoted in rank. Of note, Ombey and Lordtfk edged closer to the management team and other appointments simply strengthened to over-all corporation divisions.

As I speak, the UKC has now joined the Paragon Syndicate - but this information is for August's post… oh well, I new the peace would'nt last
August 2005 : Starting to take shape

The UKC is starting to take shape and stage two of the strategy is almost complete. The corp is happily settled in Heydeiles and the low security system feels like home. Our combat experience has improved and we no longer need to concern ourselves with local pirates. In fact, the Jeon region is very pleasant and the UKC has emerged as a major influence in the area.

The divisions were forming nicely and the appointment of Narcissa as our CFO started a hive of trading activity which ensured that the corporation funds and investments were paying dividends. Deor re-organised and re-shaped the UK-TI and the corporation hangars began to fill with ships, mods and ammo.

A plan to test our abilities in 0.0 was hatched involving Paragon Syndicate. The UKC temporarily joined this alliance but, due to lack of support and alliance leadership, the UKC quickly withdrew and returned to Heydeiles. A few new friends were established but, sadly, the UKC were set to negative standing with several of the Northern Alliances.

Peperammi, Brigar and Hwi decided to quit the corp to form their own pirate corp (Spankage) and created a few tensions but nothing we couldn't overcome.

September 2005 : New Director and planning for the future

September was a tedious month of re-organisation and re-shaping of the UKC management structure. Jonhill Gallent was appointed to the BoD with a view to forming a separate Academy. The rank 3 management team was re-aligned and the introduction of Kawasakki, Mnenmon and Calvoor were satisfying replacements for the Spankage losses.

Talks and negotiations were initiated with several major corporations and alliances with a view to heading out to 0.0. Stage three of the UKC strategy was about to commence. A new forward base was selected and the corporation once again demonstrated it's amazing ability to execute plans in a proper and efficient manor. The scene was set, plans had been made and 0.0 awaits us.

October 2005 : 0.0 - The Adventure Begins

The UKC formed a strong partnership with MCorp and agreed a NAP with The 5. A new area was selected and the UKC main corporation members headed out to P7 system in CACHE. The UK Academy was relocated to the bordering Empire systems. Within a few days the UKC and UKA were re-located and the future looked bright.

Then it all kicked off. The UKC was war decced by several corporations and the Academy was left vulnerable in Empire whilst the main UKC engaged Red Alliance in CACHE. Within 2 weeks the RA numbers appeared to swell at an amazing rate and it soon became obvious that we would not be able to hold the area. The UKA fought bravely in the Empire wars against superior numbers and more experienced pilots. The UKC was under threat and divided. An emergency meeting was called with MCorp and The 5 with a view to pulling out of CACHE.

The support form The 5 was amazing. Within 3 days they had recaptured the P7 and M53 systems and escorted MCorp and the UKC out of the region. The UKC re-located to CURSE and started to re-orgainse and recover from the CACHE experience.

November 2005 : Stabilisation

After the CACHEgate affair, the UKC needed to find a new home, rebuild funds and take a breather. A new office in CURSE was established and the core membership soon settled down to business. Large quantities of minerals from hauler spawns, excellent NPC loot and general benefits of living in 0.0 healed some of the wounds.

But life in CURSE did not come without it's problems and, of course, more hostiles. Section XIII became a constant irritation and frequent visits by hostiles alliance forces were day-to-day events. Many UKC members decided that 0.0 was not for them and some core members decided to leave. Given this, the UKC-E was formed. A UKC corporation based in Empire for members that did not wish to live in 0.0 and a resting place for weary 0.0 heroes. The new corp was setup and ready for business by the end of the month under the CEOship of DEOR and Director support from OMBEY and JOE JARDINE

KAWASAKII and MNEMNON were promoted to Directors in the UKC to allow better planning and leadership for the 0.0 forces. Sadly, key members left the fold but the recruitment team are still very busy with some 15 or more outstanding applications. The UKC is currently receiving an average of 2 new applications every day.

December 2005 : A New Hope and the birth of Lotka Volterra

The UKC, UKC-A and UKC-E is now up and running with a total of 142 members - all very active and all very postive. Further discussions with MCorp and now SHINRA have been concluded and the new alliance has been formed between the 3 corporations. LOTKA VOLTERRA is now on the map and holding soveriegnty in TENERIFIS. The UKC stratagey has been completed and new goals and objectives await us.

2005 draws to a close and the corp is in good shape. We still have a few members 'doing their own thing' but this will be addressed in the new year. The UKC is firmly on the EVE map and known within the EVE community. Great aquisitions in people have set the foundation for a very bright and prosperous future - the foundation is strong and the infrastructure is fluid. Diverse Diver, SpavinII, Draig Coch and Redbig Bayer are all names to watch for in the future. Fartarse, Eric Hunt, S73 and Edge1 are working well together on the POS and Industry side of the UKC. New members have now joined the ranks and the UKC-A has 65 members all waiting to graduate with some 15/20 applications still outstanding. We get an average of 3 new applicatiosn per day!! The UKC-E is now in full throttle with EVOKE driving the industry side and Ombey organising the troops. The management team is strong, joined up and enthusiastic - what more could we want. Well done team UKC.

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