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05 Sep 2011 - 2006

January - March 2006 

The year has started off well with things running along smoothly. We have UKC-A and UKC-E together in empire space with trainers running ops for the new academy members. But as time went on it was felt by the higher ranks that the academy took up too many resources and the management would be better placed having just one Empire corp. So, in late February the UKC-A was disbanded and the new recruits were brought straight into the UKC-E corp as Rank 8's.

Meanwhile in 0.0, -LV- captured the Omist region and UKC finally has it's own place on the Eve Map - we took control of our very own Station in D2EZ-X. Plans were put in place by -LV- to deploy our first Outpost in 9-9; this would be a refinery station to service all the local systems which contained high-end Ores. UKC and it's members invested 7 Billion ISK (33% of the total cost).

The TI team begin scanning moons in our new home systems looking for lucrative resources which can be used to produce materials & components for T2 production. Following some good finds, POS towers and equipment are purchased and deployed. Our T2 production process begins and with it, our need for the obligatory Freighter runs.

The combined membership was then running at about 150.

April - May 2006

Disaster!! our founder and CEO Nikek Notlad has decided he has done what he wants to do in EVE. He has achieved his personell goals and decided to step aside. However all is far from lost as his mantel will be taken over by not one CEO but a conglomerate of Directors, namely Kawasakii, Joe Jardine, Fartarse, Jonhill, Deor and Narcissia all working together for the good of the corp.

With the departure of Nikek a new corp website has been commistioned with Deor and Bijaz starting to work on it.

TI division deploy more POS's for both sovereignty and production puposes peaking at 19 towers across 10 different system. Monthly freighter runs and the Adopt-a-POS teams are required to keep them all online. Excess moon minerals, T2 materials and T2 components are shipped to market in empire to provide funds for the fuel required to run all the towers - the profit made on these is re-invested in more POS equipment.

UKC buys a Thanatos (Gallente Carrier) BPO - this is moved to a secret research facility 'somewhere in the Eve universe' for our scientists to work on prior to being used for production. We also manage to source a Retriever Mining Barge BPO and two of the members co-invest in a Coveter BPO.

The corp produces some T2 Ammunition from member-owned BPO's and materials produced by the TI T2 production. These are marketed both locally and in empire but sadly, whilst slightly profitable, do not prove to be as lucrative an ISK-earner as hoped

June 2006 

F2A The big push to once and for all rid 0.0 of the RA infestation. UKC along with fellow -LV- members, and with CHIMP , join forces and proceed headlong to F2A and C-J.
A force of over 500 hundred alliance friends mount an attack on the system capturing F2a station and forcing RA on the retreat. The battles take up most of this month.
The first UKC Dreadnaught has been lost in battle but it fought well.
On the home front most of the UKC-E guys have moved up to the 0.0 stations helping out the UKC Main with the TI guys in empire keeping things running smoothly up there.
Deor and Bijaz have finished the new website and Freddy Guarin has introduced the T2 investment scheme for the members.

Following some excellent work by Joe Jardine & the TI team, UKC has acquired everything necessary to build 50x Covert Ops cloaking devices. These are made available to UKC and -LV- pilots at significant discount from Empire prices. 20% are handed to the Valkyries for graduates from the training program

July 2006

Due to the amount of time the F2A conflict has taken and growing amount of hostiles in Empire due to the LV war dec on TNT and GF it has been decided to take down the POS's in empire space. The war is not going well for the alliance, mainly due to CCP bugs with carriers and general POS warfare. A new TS server has been introduced which again is alliance wide.

The Directors have had a meeting and have decided to close UKC-E and merge the 2 corps into one forming what will now be known as the UKC-Corp. All members have moved to 0.0 and the old UKC-E offices shut and emptied in empire.

UKC buys the Dominix BPO - this gives the corp the ability to build virtually all T1 ships

August 2006

F2A is back in RA's hands with the station falling to them, the alliance and friends are in an untenable situation and until the game mechanics are changed large POS/system warfare is not productive.

The corp Capital ship fleet is starting to grow with several members owning there own dreads and carriers and the corp dredd re-borne. Our freighter numbers have grown to 5.

With help from M Corp, namely producing the Capital Ship components, the first UKC-built capital ship is launched from the DZ6 facility - a Gallente Thanatos Carrier for one of the members.

September 2006

The long wars and recent changes to the copr way of life has been taking it's tol on the membership.
This new life is not for all players and some of our valued members decide to pursue new avenues in the game.
Our thoughts and thanks go to Edge1, Narcissa, Diverse Diver, eric Hunt, Ombey and Eberneza Gutbucket to name a few.
UKC also lose their first freighter to the dreaded POS fuel runs, luckily it was empty and so damage is minimized.
But the UKC will always prevail and new members have stepped up and taken the place of those that have left.

After acquiring some T2 ship BPC's from various sources and using the T2 components we have built in Tenerifis, the first UKC-built T2 ships roll out from the TI production lines.

October 2006

This month has seen perhaps the biggest change in our history.
With the membership running at between 90 to 120 and due to EVE being a 23/7 game, it has been decided to open the doors on November 1st to all timezones across the world and we hope to greatly increase the footprint that the UKC makes in the alliance. A whole new Corporation Management department has been formed which will glue together the various other departments of the corp so we are working as one solid core. 

LV have gone on the attack and are now engaged in wars with various parties and the UKC is now fully intergrated into the 0.0 way of life

November 2006

After many large scale engagements, LV is vigorously trying to defend its ally -V- against the gathering hordes against us. UKC plays a prominent role in this defence, and was involved in LV's first Titans secret deployment. This was a record in the EVE universe, resulting in the destruction of 215 enemy ships - many of which were our old foes Section XIII.

Unfortunately the key system 1v- is taken by the enemy, and -V- alliance disbands. Sadly, a large number of our former allies join forces with the enemy, and turn on their former friends who gave so much in defence.

UKC's role in the construction of this titan was important, and we provided many of the minerals used to build and finance it. UKC's role in the alliance continues to grow, with the upgrading of our POS defence network in key systems around DZ6 and NZW, and regular patrols up to the ISS stations.

Another milestone was also reached. UKC completed construction of a "Chimera" class carrier, built solely by UKC engineers, with no outside assistance. This milestone adds another notch to UKC's banner, being capable and experienced to begin carrier construction in the near future. Work has begun to look into expanding into this field, as a potential future source of income, but this has been put on hold due to rising hostilities.

On top of this special mention should go to the recruitment team, especially Tissa, who's outstanding ability to recruit top people has driven UKC to reach over 200 players, with a fantastic mix of new and experienced players.

December 2006

Some good news this month amid the chaos of battle. Eric Hunt returns and shows once again the leadership and courage required of a top FC. Other newer members show the kind of class required to make them top notch players in eve. RuleoftheBone, and Mossiah being examples of this - though there are many more. 

However, sadly, Joe Jardine, one of the founder members of UKC, leaves for pastures new. JJ has put so much effort into the corp since its conception and felt he could not continue to provide such dedication in the coming months. However, JJ will of course  be very fondly remembered. Best of luck to you JJ!

During this period LV engages in a counterstrike operation teaming up with Mercenary Coalition, FIX, U'K and ISS to attack IAC stations in Catch, to protect ISS stations and the investments of all eve shareholders in ISS. The station in F4 is captured temporarily, though IAC gain assistance from AAA to get it back.

LV agrees a "POS NAP" with RA, though we all know it is only a matter of time before they break their promises. The Alliance and Corp use this time wisely to build up supplies, and stocks of ships.

Of particular note this month was the "Vengeance of the Ice Miners". During a particularly mundane ice mining op, there was an interruption from a gang of hostiles flying expensive hacs and command ships. One corp member was caught and managed to tank the enemies long enough for UKC pilots to dash back to station, load up in combat ships and engage the enemy. Taken by complete surprise the enemy pilots lost the majority of their expensive ships, and have not been seen in DZ6 since.

The ship production data of Total number of Ships constructed to end of 2006 is impressive for a Corp this size:-

Battleships 142
Battlecruisers 46
Cruisers 288
Destroyers 37
Frigates 284
Industrials 120

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