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05 Sep 2011 - 2007

January 2007

More good news - as long term serving member and the "heart" of the ukc - Fartarse, has become joint CEO of the corp alongside Kawasakii. Fartarse's dedication knowledge, skills, and friendly helpful demeanour are what epitomises UKC. Fartarse IS UKC and without him we simply would not be as strong as we are now.

LV's territory came under attack during this period of time, with RA & GS breaking their "POS NAP", and UKC pilots formed a large bulk of the defensive fleets in many scenarios. Aswell as this Kawasakii has tirelessly worked with our carrier pilots and other LV leaders to keep the logistics of running 100's of large pos's alive for LV. His dedication and leadership have proved to be a shining light for LV, and represent our corp at the highest level. 

UKC pilots are now actively engaged in combat operations more so than ever before in UKC's history. Despite the alliance being outnumbered by nearly 7-1, UKC's combat pilots have maintained a superb kill ratio of 6 kills to 1 loss. This is a brilliant example of what the corp has achieved and the dedication and skill of our pilots, who will only get better. More often now UKC pilots can be seen fielding Command Ships, HAC's T2 long range battleships and also Carriers & Dreadnaughts.

This period has proved difficult with constant Call To Arms, camps, and logistic operations, often against innumerable odds. Yet again though UKC's ability to cope with a variety of different situations has shown what a well rounded, strong, organised and dedicated corp we have become. Nik would be proud!

February 2007

As hostilities continue, and the number of enemies continues to grow by the day, fuelled by huge amounts of false promises, manipulation, and propaganda emanating from the huge hordes amassed against us, UKC yet again stands at the vanguard of LV, assisting to our maximum ability where at all possible. UKC pilots are found once again defending LV systems, patrolling our area of space, continuing to maintain a strong POS network, and minimising losses whilst maximising kills. One UKC pilot was actively involved in the destruction of an enemy Mothership, whilst others managed to rally enough defences in a key system to begin fighting back versus enemy dreadnaughts. (This resulted in 2 dreads and a carrier destroyed).

UKC organised logistic runs are now commonplace, with Kawasakii continuing to provide the organisation to keep the alliance strong despite being under siege.

Band Of Brothers Alliance, the most powerful PvP alliance in eve, joins forces with LV, and assists in the defence of multiple systems, before having to be pulled back home by attacks on their own territory.

As a precautionary measure, UKC directors provide a service to allow members to protect their most valuable assets and carrier them to empire. This becomes more urgent when through sheer weight of numbers, and some very questionable "node crashing" our enemies manage to capture a core LV system, sadly destroying a Titan being built there. However with our most valuable assets safe, UKC pilots begin engaging the enemy with increased ferocity, with nothing to lose.

Towards the end of this month, another LV system fell in 77s, again to some rather questionable "node resets" and the alliance faces a very difficult period. The majority of LV corps begin to evacuate their valuable gear out of the regions.

 March 2007

Hostilities in LV systems escalate daily.  With the enemy numbers waxing day by day, as more and more major alliances join the epic struggle, a creeping realisation dawns that this is a fight that cannot be won. The enemy scenting victory redoubles its efforts to wrest control of core systems from LV sovereignty.  Slowly at first, then with increasing momentum, LV systems are lost to superior numbers. 

The battles are legion and fierce, with no quarter asked for or given by either side.  Slowed by the heroic actions of outnumbered LV pilots, emergency plans are enacted by the UKC leadership to save the corporation assets before the inevitable end. 

During this horrific time, UKC pilots remain at the forefront of the resistance, contesting every system with blood.

April 2007

It is over. 

At the 23rd hour, with defences collapsing across an entire region, UKC leaves LV. To stay is futile. Our pilots are exhausted, barely equipped to travel let alone offer further resistance. It is a grim day.

Wounds can be healed, equipment can be replaced, but the bitter memories of the loss of our home remains. UKC withdraws to a temporary base in empire for some much needed rest and recovery.  But the taste of defeat is bitter, and UKC is tenacious.  

Plans are devised to continue the fight from empire. Before these plans can be enacted however, UKC leadership agrees an offer to join Fatal alliance and so a new page is turned as the corporation decamps barely two weeks on, to move into the Fountain region. From here the work of rebuilding and strengthening the corporation proceeds with UKC taking the lead for capital construction facilities.

June 2007 - September 2007

Fatal alliance after a period of small gang warfare in fountain join with a Mercenary Coalition lead operation to wipe out the strongholds in Branch and the surrounding area. UKC supported this operation using our fledgling capital fleet to support the advance.

Many bally  battles ensue with UKC leading the charge in many battles. By the end of the July, Fatal takes control of two outposts located deep within branch

Continued raids into Branch hinder the building work Fatal and UKC work towards. Several times we are called upon to aid fellow alliances in the surrounding areas. 

As always UKC and the rest of Fatal alliance turn out, with our battle hardened pilots frequently found where the resistance was the strongest. Again and again UKC pilots answer the call to war and in many cases turn the tide of the war in the friendly alliances favour. Veteran pilots draw uncomfortable parallels between the memorable battles within BKG the fall of LV.
War feeds on itself, and has a way of surprising with the twists and turns that it takes. In an upset and after several weeks of continual battles, one of our key fellow alliances in the region surrenders unconditionally to the forces against us, leaving UKC and Fatal alliance with no support and facing the combined might of several enemy alliances. Once more UKC found ourselves staring into the abyss.
Reluctantly, Fatal alliance leadership decides to surrender negotiate terms with the main attackers. A non-aggression pact is agreed for one week to allow the alliance to return safely to empire space. With a heavy heart, the work of evacuation proceeds. 

In a dark time for the alliance, a feeling of discontent over the surrender grows culminating in treason. While the UKC was following the terms of the surrender and moving freighters and combat ships out, a terrible and costly misunderstanding occurred, resulting in the UKC being put into an untenable situation where the loss of the freighters was unavoidable. 

However, through frantic negotiation, the diplomatic core of the UKC pulled off a coup and secured passage and good will for the survivors to empire.

September also saw the inauguration of the CIS scheme which raised 60 Billlion ISK of funds to start-up the capital ship building.

Successive months have seen it grow in value and deliver excellent profits to the shareholders

It has put UKC in the position to be able to respond very quickly when new ships or other high-value items are introduced to the game

October 2007 - November 2007

Once more we find ourselves in empire, again regrouping and rebuilding.  The capital program is restarted and accelerated.  Industrial activity accelerates and the losses are made good.  Previous plans are revisited and new plans are forged.

UKC is a beast which thrives in 0.0.  In a time of great sadness, we say goodbye to many long standing pilots who for their own reasons see fit to pursue their dream elsewhere. We salute you for all that you have done for UKC. Your names and deeds will be long remembered by those vetrans that remain.

The board of directors is reorganised and plans are made to return us to 0.0.  During this time, UKC move to Great Wildlands to fight alongside -V- and remain with a footing in 0.0.  New plans are for UKC's future. That we will eventually return to deep 0.0 is not doubted only the manner of and the timing.

It is a time for hope.

December 2007

A new journey awaits us.  Negotiations are completed to return us into an alliance deep within 0.0, where we will have an opportunity to do what UKC does best.  Plans are dusted off and reviewed as the withdraw from Great Wildlands and relocation of UKC assets begins.

The move to our new home is completed through the herculean efforts of our logistic and capital ship pilots, and work begins on securing our new home.  Death star POS's are deployed to secure sovereignty on the home systems.  During this time of entrenchment, all UKC pilots, irrespective of designation, concentrate on delivering that primary objective. 

With the hold on the home systems secured, TI ramp up logistic flights and begin moving member equipment and ships from empire into our home systems.  Similarly, production of corporation ships and modules is started for the UKC membership consumption.  Our SF pilots begin familiarising themselves with the surrounding systems as well as... introducing... themselves to less friendly alliances in the vicinity.

During this time, CM lost their most valued asset Tissa, who left UKC to explore pastures new.  Undaunted, CM continued their recruitment activities, the life blood of any corporation and alliance, to great success. The member count continues to grow at a steady and satisfactory rate. Flaetriu has since agreed to accept CM Directorship and so the circle is complete once more.

Mining of minerals and ice products are started to support production, POS tower consumption and provide fuel for logistics and capital ship operations.  In a very short time, UKC are back in business.

During this period, the UKC capital construction continues unabated, and reaches even greater heights of success than before.  It is a credit to those members responsible for the daily operation of that behemoth that even the relocation of UKC to our new home deep in 0.0 has no impact on the schedule of production.

Towards the end of December 2007, an alliance Call to Arms was issued to which UKC responded admirably.  This in turn led to further inter-alliance cooperation, culminating in an extended inter-alliance assault on an unfriendly neighbouring alliance - an operation which looks likely to continue into the New Year.  During this time, UKC repeatedly fielded their Capital ships to assist with the task in hand.

The year ended with conflict and violence - a background that UKC are familiar with and thrive in.  It is home to us. We are at home. 

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