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05 Sep 2011 - 2008

January 2008

The New Year begins in the same fashion that the old year passes. Conflict.  Time and again, UKC pilots of all designation (SF, TI and CM) answer the call to battle and respond to home defence, alliance and inter-alliance operations. It is a busy time, but one where we are not found wanting.

As this account leaves off, UKC are involved in the displacement of an enemy alliance. This operation sees our capitals deployed daily and SF and all pilots without immediate duties on the front lines, smashing fleets, dispersing roaming gangs and gate camps and POS takedowns.  

During this period of conflict, the daily routine of corporation life continues.  Resources are stockpiled, combat losses replaced and module supplies refreshed.  The well oiled machine that is UKC TI, continue to keep the corporation and its pilots supplied with ships and modules even throughout the most trying of times - no small feat.

UKC's highly lucrative Capital Investment scheme continues to grow with January seeing a dividend of 2,911,406,048.10 ISK being paid back as a dividend to its investors. In all 5 capital ships were produced and sold this month. Similarly, the invention arm of UKC continues to grow in size and scope with notable successes being reported daily.

Slowly but surely, the alliance and UKC tighten their grip on our home systems.  Success breeds success, and this month again sees both the alliance and UKC membership grow in size.  It is a good time for both UKC and the alliance. 

February 2008

in an audacious move and with the backing of another larger alliance, a period of intensive POS warfare begins with the spamming of several towers in several systems in which we hold sovereignty. Week in and week out during February; see UKC pilots reach new peaks of achievement with all hands to the wheel.

Logistics, Industrial and SF pilots rise magnificently to the occasion under increased pressure from POS warfare demands - on lining and fuelling new tower deployments, repairing and on lining off lined structures yet still finding time to put enemy towers into re-enforced and take part in interdiction gangs - often fielding the largest number of pilots in said gangs. Not just once or twice, but every day during these weeks.  During this trying time, UKC were tested but rose to the occasion and were not found wanting. We bent but did not break.

Slowly but surely as the weeks wore on, better UKC logistics and support began to tell. The offensive started to crumble. Enemy gangs were fewer and smaller in size, POS attacks and tower spamming stopped.  It was now a matter of time and turning from a defensive/offensive operation into a cleanup operation.

March 2008


A nasty word and one that doesn't even come close to describing what occurred at the end of February.  It is with deep sadness that this reporter has to comment on the failure of the alliance and UKC's subsequent exit from both alliance and region.

With little warning and with UKC opposing the action, the alliance leadership unilaterally surrendered to an alliance whose invasion had been checked and was failing.  To this day this reporter still cannot understand the thinking behind the decision taken, other than someone stood to gain hugely from doing so.

We are where we are. What is done is done; we can only make best use of the time remaining. UKC immediately begin to decommission all deployed towers and start immediate emergency planning for evacuation of corporation and member assets. There was no decision taken to stay or leave the alliance as it was irrelevant. That we would leave was taken for granted. Talks began immediately to find a new home, with Flaetriu, our head diplomat, commencing talks with several alliances.

Once more logistics - the often unspoken heroes of any operation - rise to the occasion. Under the guiding hand of Iceywhite, UKC pilots decommission 12 POS towers and associated structures in as many hours. It is an awesome achievement, and one that preserves a substantial amount of corporation assets.

During this frankly surreal time, corporation assets and most member assets were successfully evacuated back to Empire.  In a final twist of the knife however, UKC were ejected from the alliance at the most... unfortunate... of times which resulted in the destruction of 3 UKC capitals and their cargo as standings were reset.

UKC are not vindictive, but we do have long memories. This was not something that will be forgotten or let go.  Time waits for no man, but UKC do...

Some good news to report:  Negotiations have been completed which will see UKC back where they belong, in an established and organised alliance on the front line.  Once more, through the herculean efforts of our Board of Directors, life is good in UKC.

April 2008 - May 2008

We have Join in an Alliance called "Project Alice" we invade Fade, pulling a brilliant propaganda coup the Alliance leaders send Screen shoots of an Another Alliances Cap fleet to the leaders of current residents, they pack up and leave without a shot being fired, (Sometimes Brawn is not the only solution), we start to take control of the area, only to have the RA alliance turn up with a real 50+ cap fleet and remove us from the area

April CIS Investment Scheme: Cap ships Sold 10 profit  2,960,428,302.13 
May CIS Investment Scheme: Cap ships Sold  4   Profit  950,227,938.46 (we were taking a break)

June 2008

Project Alice regroups while feelers are put out for further 0.0 opportunities.
UKC enjoy some time in empire and low sec / 0.0 raiding party ops

CIS Investment Scheme: Cap Ships Sold 3   Profit   1,708,588,137.65

July 2008

UKC is proving itself a valuable Alliance member of Project Alice who have got resident status with Mostly Harmless, while the logistics of getting it self established in Cobalt Edge was hard work, the corps TI member excelled themselves in getting production going for Ships enabling members Rat and pvp to the best of there abilities, at this time there was the odd hostile incursion by the Russian alliance's next door,

CIS Investment Scheme: Cap Ships Sold 8  Profit    2,789,293,534.36  

August 2008

Bob has started it now Infamous "Max" campaign here after known as Max Fail, our closest NC ally Iron fight a brave holding action but cannot withstand the combined GBC might, UKC's PVP'ers  joined the MH combat pilots in rushing to there allies aid,  meanwhile TI continue to support the PVP'ers with excellent ship production

CIS Investment Scheme: Cap Ships Sold 10 Profit    4,397,291,045.93

September 2008

With the ongoing fight in Tribute the Russians seize this opportunity to launch an offensive, while all combat pilots were in Tribute, they launched an attack on Cobalt Edge MH Recalls all combat pilots to CE, the Russians have now established a POS in  our most southern station time, our critics are  saying we will be rolled over in under a month, We respond to this the only way we know how, with pure grit and determination,  we counter attack,  we rape cage  there pos trapping 6+ enemy caps, they use underhanded tactics to escape by logging off and on and using the e-warp to get themselves of grid, MH start to think about reclaiming some system lost to the Russians,  At this time Project Alice collapses but due in no small part to the PVP'ers of this corp we have been offer a trial membership in MH - good news indeed, UKC's CIS enable our cap pilots to replace there caps very quickly and get back in the fight ASAPUKC are now a full member of Mostly Harmless, thanks to the dedication of the pilots and the BoD, we have been recognized as being able to prove our worth on and off the field of conflict,

CIS Investment Scheme: Cap Ships Sold  12 Profit    9,796,730,924.41 

October 2008

Solar Fleet + Co have come to save face for the Red they launch an all out attack, our combined cap and support fleet get hydroplaned by 60+ enemy caps, MH stands no chance we are pushed out of our 1st station system, we are now on the back foot,  MH's FC's show off excellent gorilla  tactics, we inflect damage on the Reds everyday, but no major victories are won, corps's corps's members show lack of belief and don't  log on or join up for fleet, we slowly lose ground making them every pay for every step, The Russian respond by dropping  heavy cap fleets or seeking only fights when the numbers favour them, MH mount a counterattack but at this stage the Reds have brought Titans in as holding chips effectively countering anything we throw at them in the system they are deployed in,

CIS Investment Scheme: Ships Sold  10 Profit     7,284,203,265.64


We are pushed back to our last 4 station system, we defend aggressively pulling out all stops we hot drop a Russian cap fleet taking out 10 caps for only 2 losses,  they respond by bring there 60+ caps out, split it into 2 30cap fleets and proceed to reinforce every tower in 2 separate station systems,  at this point members are advised to use the remaining  JB network to remove all non pvp assets out of CE, this is done with great haste and nearly all non pvp assets are retained,  3rd week of Nov we withdraw to branch, for 2-3 weeks of R+R, plans are in motion for a new home we have proved our worth to the NC by lasting as long as we did against an alliance such as Solar Fleet Plans are made, ships made Ready, Destination "FADE"BoB's max campaign has Failed we are not on the counter-offensive to get some Turf for are own
With the aid of the NC we push hostiles out of the NPC system ROIR + use this as a base of operations, we push into fade from here  reinforcing pos's and making our point made that the new boys on the block are declaring this turf theirs, 
Good News !! UKC have gotten there first Jump Freighter this will enable TI and logistics to work as levels that carriers just could not cope with.

CIS Investment Scheme: Cap Ships Sold 10 (+4 Orcas) Profit     8,662,967,072.02  (The new Orca mining command ship has arrived with CIS being one of the first to build them)

December 2008

MH has started to expand and have allowed Full member Corp's to Sponsor another corporation into the Alliancewe push into fade further + set up towers in systems close to the station systems, UKC is growing in numbers as Fresh blood find new roles in the Corp Ti expands rapidly, our SF division only slowly grows as the harsh learns learned in 0.0 combat burn out even the best of pilots,A Ceasefire is declared for Christmas no pos shot or deployed for a one week period,

CIS Investment Scheme: Cap Ships Sold 7 (+8 Orcas) Profit  6,442,899,599.40 Also in December the CIS started its loan account from members resulting in a further 10 Bil of investment

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