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05 Sep 2011 - 2010

January 2010

The Start of a new year, and my how it's started
CCP have had great fun with us in lag, with the whole NC fleet stuck in "black screen mode" whilst defending P-2 against "Tri mk 800"
But we have fought strong and well and by the end of the month we are kicking out the temporary guests of P2.
Throughout CM and TI have done us proud with keeping members ticking over, keeping them in ships and TI even ditching their mining lasers and helping on the front line.
This is UKC spirit through and through

February 2010

After retaking P-2 the amount of CTA's have slowed down giving us all time to reflect relax and rebuild our reserves. Ops are still ongoing but more emphasis on fun and no-lag as we wipe out the remaining lingering forces from ROIR and x-70.
TI have begun back rebuilding their structure and all in all we continue to improve where we are.

March 2010

With Our home fully secured, we head home to Fade from the NC super base of UMI. Logistics go smoothly and soon everyone is back where they should be and having fun. There's still work to be done, towers to reclaim etc but our home has been secured.

April 2010

War preparations. After maybe a month of not being under constant heavy assault, we again begin to prepare for our next guests to the north, this time of much more noticeable size, with Atlas, IT, Init and the rest of the southern coalition due to take a trip up North. Fights ensue and the NC is victorious at sending the invaders back to our home.
Meanwhile, within the corp, the members start making use of the upgraded resources in the space enjoying the benefits of no longer being invaded. Wallets are restocked, ships cleaned and oiled and the UKC once again enjoys life.

May 2010

Whilst the NC continues to rid the north of the remnants of the IT incursion, MH and UKC moves home and begins to make the best of life without being under siege.
the pressure id finally off and we are able to assess where we want UKC to be and how we want to improve in the future.

June 2010

Roadtrip!! As part of some good fun, the corp moves with alliance mates to syndicate where we go and have some good old-fashioned black ops fun and generally cause a nuisance to the industry chaps that live there.
Its great fun with many of us using our shiny black ops ships for the first time, and a welcome change from pewing on our own doorstep. Eve is fun.

July 2010

 n one of the biggest changes to the way UKC operates, UKC reborn was launched. This focuses on the corp getting more of the members contributing to the running of the corp, relieving the pressures on the few.
All managers are asked to reapply for positions and a new, energized group of NED's and leaders are formed to lead the corp onto greater things.
It's a time of house-cleaning in UKC with afk players removed and people supporting the corp. Industry begins again and SF start showing the force of the corp on the front line

August 2010

Reborn is really taking hold now, already we are seeing even more players active and online, as well as older players returning to enjoy the "new" corp. The recruiters are doing an excellent job of bringing in new skilled blood and getting them involved and the system seems to have been a great success. This is really a chill-out time for the corp, and alliance and the players are able to really start working together and having some fun, making new friends and strengthening bonds.

September 2010

Deployment of the forces. Once again the corp packs up and ships to pastures new for a combat deployment. This time it is to KE and the drone lands to hit the russkies. Eu v Eu this brings some great fights and of lot of stuff is killed. The corp starts enjoying again pew that isn't reliant on defending our own shit. It really is true, the greatest defence is an offense.
Back home, TI really begins reforming its mining team and the plans begin to produce super capitals for the alliance and the market in a joint project with VAT.

October 2010

Whilst the PVPers are enjoying their time in KE, TI is really going good guns now and this has allowed the corp to expand its replacement scheme to the members meaning that losing ships is even less expensive than before.
This combined with the supercap production means that the corporations' industrial strength Is really coming good in this latter half of the year and the team is working hard on making the corp iskies to spend on the membership.

November 2010

Back Home. With PL hitting venal and the NC, the drone campaign is ended and we return home. There's still plenty of pew to be had, with Goons and friends hitting CR and the NC pewing in Venal. Members are also able to use the time to restock on iskies and start saving for the big shiny stuff they always wanted, with several members looking at getting super capitals in the coming months.  CM continue to do an excellent job of vetting the members coming into the corp, at a time when AWOXing is very popular, and TI and SF equally doing a great job getting them settled and involved.

December 2010

The end of another great, fun year. It's been a year of massive change, a year of many lessons learned, but a year where the corp has once again grown stronger for its experiences. The fights this month have largely been in fountain supporting GSF and Test and Venal, hitting PL with the NC forces. However in what ended up being a great, great end of the year, the pinnacle of the PVP this month came only a day or so before the end of the year. In an op in Venal, the MH fleet, lead by a UKC FC was hot dropped on by PL. Holding our ground the battle quickly escalated to a capital battle as well and the end result was 6 PL Titans being killed by the NC Fleet. This was a great result and one that really did show off the strengths of the corp and alliance. Gratz UKC

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