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21 Dec 2015 - 2013

War is afresh as the CFC sweep through EVE targeting our long time enemies and clearing up the space in which we live.

There has been great fights in the Fountain region as the CFC and TEST part company as allies and then, as relation deteriorate further, full blown war ensues, spreading into delve and Queries as the hell purge continues.

The war is bloody and time consuming, but many billions of ink are destroyed and as always the corp leads the way within Razor as the speartip.

Within TI, we gain 2 more titans to the corp, with Jackals Leviathan and the replacement uKC Avatar constructed by TI, showing the wealth and strength that Ukc is beginning to harbour.

Equally impressive have been the logistics teams, no matter where we have ended up our JF pilots have been moving replacement ships and stocks for members like they were caldari shuttles, with cynos set up through the regions for easy travel. Similarly the number of members with Carriers reaches an all time high, and deployments have become a breeze.

On return to Tenal, razor begin to poke at neighbouring cobalt edge and manage to accidentally cause the alliance it attacks to collapse. Suddenly overnight we have gained a region, oh well some more ink to be gained :)

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