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03 Sep 2011 - The UKC Charter

When signing up to the UKC, all members also sign up to these rules and conditions. You will have this link given to you by your recruiting CM before you joined and it is also linked on our home page. The UKC appreciate that EVE Online is a game, however you are playing the game with other real people which means your actions have a effect on the other players within the corp. As such, you will be required to play in a co-operative, team-play style and respect the 'role-play' hierarchy, structure and culture that is present within the UKC.

Failure to adhere any of these conditions will not be tolerated in any form whatsoever, and may result in anything up to, and including, a kick from the UKC.

Prime Directive

"To create a role-play environment, structure and community to accommodate all themes, aspirations and objectives for all EVE Online players whilst creating EVE's most prominent multi-divisional corporation and Alliance."

This thread describes the 10 basic articles for all UK Corp members.


All players within the UKC are expected to be polite, friendly and helpful to any member of the Corporation and Alliance at ALL times. UKC officials will warn members regarding offensive and/or foul language, bad behaviour or illicit content however persistent offenders will be disciplined. The UKC and Alliance has players of all different age groups, sexuality and religions, we do not want any of these being offended by one individual! All players are expected to refrain from hostilities towards all other EVE Online players unless such activity has been sanctioned by the Corporation management team. Please also insure individual in-game BIO's, forum signatures and other publicly accessibly information be kept clean, tidy and inoffensive.

Good communications are expected at all times and members are expected to inform the corporation of any prolonged breaks in order to avoid being ejected. Members are expected to read the UKC news and forum pages regularly to keep up-to-date with events and contribute to the corporation discussions. Access and use of the voice system (Team Speak) is mandatory with the minimum proviso that members can listen in. All members are expected to read, learn, understand and follow the UKC processes & procedures.
Being Active  
All members are expected to join in as many corporation run activities, not just those within your chosen department, SF will help TI and vice versa. Inactivity is monitored and measured by the CM department and will be used to adjust corporation privileges, rights and access. Be aware that Ranks can go down as well as up. The UKC understand that players will have RL commitments to attend to, however the UKC is no free ride and your efforts will match your rewards.
It is mandatory for all members within UKC to follow the corporation strategy, leadership and instructions at all times. All members are required to adhere to the UKC policies, management structure and support the current projects of the UKC. Blatant abuse or ignorance towards the UKC protocol will find you in breech of the UKC charter and lead to termination of your membership with UKC. In Addition, your playername and all associated alts may be added to any Alliance Blacklist.
UKC members are reminded that any interaction with EVE Online related websites, IRC rooms or any other media be in-line with the UKC current thinking. Any other personal views that are reproduced have a clear and correct disclaimer stating that it is your view and nothing to with UKC or its Alliance. This relates purely to UKC information and does not refer to your views on the EVE Online game or general EVE Online mechanics, client or general EVE Online concept.
ALT's and Additional Accounts
The UKC recognises the use of alt characters and 2nd Accounts, however these must all be disclosed in your application to the UKC as security checks are done on all characters and Accounts available to you. Be aware that account sharing is against the EULA of EVE Online. Periodic security checks are done at random intervals during your membership within UKC and failure to comply with security checks will result in a instant removal of you from the UKC.
Members are expected to remain active within EVE Online. There is a dedicated thread within the forums where you can post extended time away from the game, 2 weeks or more is considered extended. Please use your common courtesy regarding this and inform us of anything your feel necessary. If you do not want to disclose your RL position on the forums please contact a CM or CEO regarding this and your place within UKC will not be compromised and a other reason will be made public. All information will be treated with complete confidentiality.
UKC Offices, ranks and rights
The UKC use a role-play framework for all members. This framework exists to make things run smoother and help the corporation run in a manner that suits all members. Members are required to respect the ranking system regardless and any form or insubordination will not be tolerated. Ranks are used loosely in most situations however when rank is called upon, members will respect them. Ranks go up and down, rewards reflect effort.
UKC Management
As stated before, members are required to respect the management structure, ranks and roles at all times. No member is authorised to conduct discussions regarding war, polotics, NAPS, agreements or Alliance membership with any non-UKC members under any conditions. Any request will be directed to a Director or CEO. This si to avoid any problems arising from misinformation.
UKC Culture

The UKC culture is captured in the charter but can be summed up to:


The UKC reserve the right to modify this charter as the corporation and EVE game mechanics develop. All current members will be notified of any changes and will be expected to re-read accordingly. Ignorance of this charter will not be accepted under any breach.

Any breaches could potentially lead to your membership being terminated by the CEO's.. This charter is not designed to spoil your fun - but to ensure that you don't spoil the fun for everyone else.

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