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21 Dec 2015 - 2012

Revenge is Sweet

The war pushes on, it is not long until branch has fallen and the alliance and coalition pushes onto Razors traditional home, Tenal

It is not long until the region is ours and we begin to make it home for UKC and V7-MID becomes what UKC calls home. The corp is soon functional and achieving great things, and in truth things have never been so good with the extra income the riches of Tenal generates for the corp along with relatively safe areas of space.

Fun is a plenty and the corp begins to make a name for itself, the corp titan is rebuilt after a slight mishap.

During this time there are many deployments killing off the remnants of the enemy, watching them collapse under the weight of defeat.

This year is all about rebuilding and making a home, from custom office to new stations to establishing logistics routes. The corp is back up to running 17 POS's and reactions for the corp and alliance

Good times :)

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