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21 Dec 2015 - 2015

What a year!!!

By far the biggest news of 2015 has been the decision made to leave Razor and join Goonswarm.

Never before has the corporation not been the last to switch off the lights as an alliance closes so this is new territory. That said after much discussion the directors decided it was time to change and help push the corp onto a newer, tougher level.

So the corp packs it bags and we trek from our 4 year him in Tenal and V7-MID to our new home in Deklein.

Instantly we feel the benefits, the number of fleets is awesome along with all the special interest groups and the members report that they have been having a great time and a huge amount of content.

as the year progresses, we also begin o see Eve coming out of a hole of sorts and the fights seem to be getting better. we are getting kills left right and centre and able to use our prized capitals and super capitals with aggressive force.

The corp remain committed and TI have managed to establish a new home and things are almost as iff we have never moved, a testament to the dedication ad commitment to the logistics, Ti and Sf teams.

We even have time to concentrate on corp operation and as the year draws to a close we start to see regular corp operations and members taking the initiative to get involved in pvp on their own.

All good things as we head into the new year

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